Paper Review: The Idea of a Scientific Philosophy

Often when someone learns I am studying philosophy of science I get a confused look in response. Even worse is when I use the term mathematical philosophy (see here, the top of page 1 for my favourite definition of mathematical philosophy), which often gets the response "math and philosophy, aren't those opposites?!" I've developed a… Continue reading Paper Review: The Idea of a Scientific Philosophy

Paper Review: The Regression of the Unstructural

What is the nature of meaning? This is one of the core questions on which the Vienna Circle, a group of early 20th century philosophers, took a stance. The kind of bumper sticker version of their answer is that a sentence only has meaning if it can be empirically verified (or tested, or confirmed, or… Continue reading Paper Review: The Regression of the Unstructural

Paper Review: Contribution to discussion on Probability

Probability can seem like a slippery notion. Indeed, though we have an intuitive notion of various aspects of probability, it took a long time for humanity to develop a rigorous formal theory. And even with the mathematics of probability on surer footing, the interpretation of probability -- what does it mean -- is still plagued… Continue reading Paper Review: Contribution to discussion on Probability

Paper Review: Essence and “Appearance”

Regardless of how one feels about Kant, it is undeniable that he had a profound influence on philosophy. I've recently been looking a little into the Vienna Circle, and it has been fun to explore how much the early thought of the Vienna Circle was driven by direct criticism of Kant's philosophy. In particular, one… Continue reading Paper Review: Essence and “Appearance”