Forum Posts and the Google NLP API

I’m finding that Userscripts are fine for limited functionality like the earlier examples, but the more complicated ideas required a proper server. This ‘top-down’ screen-scraping approach comes with it’s own set of challenges. For example, while nesting a series of asynchronous Ajax calls that dig deep into posts, I think I set off a mini DoS attack on the Support forum. It lasted for about 10 seconds before I could kill the out of control browser, but it’s ok… I won’t be charging anything for testing their server load capabilities. 😉

I have moved my ‘experiments’ onto a server, and I’m currently exploring Natural Language processing of posts, using Google API’s. The pic below is a copy of a post being analyzed… It shows the identified entities, as well as a Sentiment Level score (Just how happy or unhappy is the author of this post?)

Really, I’m just playing around, but you never know what might come of it! If you have any thoughts or comments, let me know, and if you find this kind of stuff intriguing, then check out the Google NLP API here.


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