Userscripts for Support Forums

I posted in the Ideas forum the thought of creating some Userscripts to help streamline the support process. Although my Javascript and Jquery is really rusty, I managed to kludge together a quick script that changes the background color of the post based on the tags found. In the example below, posts with no tags are blue, any ‘delete’ tag found is red, and ‘domain’ tag is green. (There’s another for ‘modlook’ that’s not in the screenshot). This is just a proof of concept, and rather than color coding, could add icons or whatever.

Another idea that should be fairly straightforward… when responding to a post, have a little green light next to the editor that would change to red if someone has responded to the post since you started.

I’m just playing around, but I would like to know if you have any ideas/suggestions/comments.

Other potential scripting going forward;

  • Grab support documentation and display based on tag / content.
  • Auto tagging — Search the content of the post and suggest tags based on common keywords/phrases.
  • Whois any domains found, and markup the post with results.
  • Automatically generate canned responses based on tags found.


  • Capture

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